Marino's signature display frames are genuinely distinctive, superbly crafted, and extremely functional with the versatility to accommodate any of our interchangeable components including:

High Density Cork Boards

White Markerboards

Posters, Signs & Graphics

Stone-textured Tackboards

Acrylic Protective Panels

Black Magnetic Chalkboards

White Magnetic Markerboards

Magnetic Rate Displays

Curved & Arched Headers

LED Lighting

Matching Wood Panels

Black Markerboards

Magnetic Letterboards

Felt Letterboards

Wood Tack Boards

Rate Displays

Vinyl Letterboards

Literature Holders

Gloves Boxes & Tissue Holders

Supreme Court Testimonial
"The custom floor display was received and looks great!"

Tom Ambrosino
Executive Director
Supreme Judicial Court
Boston, MA
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